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Useful git commands

git maintenance start

This starts a kind of repository defrag task so that things are faster and is not heavy on the system.

Example of setting it up for dotfiles repo:

➜ git maintenance start
Created symlink /home/decoder/.config/systemd/user/ → /home/decoder/.config/systemd/user/git-maintenance@.timer.
Created symlink /home/decoder/.config/systemd/user/ → /home/decoder/.config/systemd/user/git-maintenance@.timer.
Created symlink /home/decoder/.config/systemd/user/ → /home/decoder/.config/systemd/user/git-maintenance@.timer.

Interactive rebasing

Determine which commit is the last common between my branch and the branch branched from (main/master)

git merge-base your-branch-name base_branch

When rebasing using zsh, the commit must be quoted due to the ^ symbo, so:

git rebase -i "c15b0407b395b65aa315b9afa579d4f5887c5247"

Resolving merge conflicts

The basics

<<<<<<< HEAD
# Your changes
# Changes from the branch being merged
>>>>>>> main
<<<<<<< HEAD marks the start of the conflicting area with your current branch's changes.
======= divides your changes from the changes in the other branch.
>>>>>>> main marks the end of the conflicting area with the changes from the branch you're trying to merge.

Nvim specifics

  • Use Gv[h]diffsplit! to open 3 way merge
  • Middle one is the current file
  • Left/top one with 2 is the branch we are merging from or rebasing onto
  • Right/bottom side with 3 is our current branch in the worktree

To accept a whole file from specific branch just use git checkout. For example: git checkout --theirs /path/to/file.txt to accept from the branch that we are merging from or rebasing onto and git chekcout --ours /path/to/file.txt to accept changes from our branch.

Also using :diffget <tab> will show options to get changes from other side.

Selective merging


A guide to selectively merge changes from one Git branch to another.


  1. Identify Changes: git diff --name-only main old_feature

  2. Review Changes: git diff main old_feature -- [file_path]

  3. Cherry-Pick Changes: git checkout old_feature -- [file_path]

  4. Select only hunks If needed we can select only certain hunks from a file after checkout: git add -p [file_path]

  5. Commit the Changes: git add . git commit -m "Incorporate selected changes from old_feature"


  • Always review changes before merging to avoid unintended modifications.
  • Be prepared to resolve merge conflicts.